New Opaque Cabinet Finishes

Performance Colors

Every era has its palette, created by the milieu of the moment, the scent of the hour, the touch of the times. It is chosen intuitively by our artists and craftsmen. With it, your home looks new, refreshed and reborn. Use it to swathe the walls and furniture in your favorite rooms, your respite from the larger world, and you'll always be happy to come home.

New Dove Opaque Cabinet Finish

Dove Finish

Our new Dove gray is as gentle as its namesake. The peaceful cool hue reads beautifully minimalist. Perfectly fresh.





New Rain Opaque Cabinet Finish

Rain Finish

Our new Rain is a fresh spa blue developed to call the outdoors in, reminding us of waterfalls, streams and the gentle showers of springtime.





New Wafer Opaque Cabinet Finish

Wafer Finish

Imagine pale cream touched with a hint of linen to create a fresh tint for the way we live today. Wafer is the perfect neutral to ground any color palette.





Expanded Brushed Glazes

Seize the opportunity to enrich and enhance more finishes with our popular brushed glazes, adding a distinctive touch anywhere in the home.

Expanded brushed glazesBrushed to Perfection

Nothing adds depth and drama to a cabinet door like hand-brushed glazes.  Shadows become more pronounced and fine details come alive with this beautiful technique.





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