Wood Hood with Davies Corbel


When the vehicle for ventilation displays as much (or more) beauty as it does function, you'll be sure to carry a well thought-out theme throughout a room. Choose from a variety of decorative mouldings, corbels and embellishments to personalize a wood hood look that you will love! Wood hood with Davies Corbel shown here.

  • UUwhAcanthWakeCKoCfLoriMAmCaM
  • UUwhCelticLoriCKoCfMAmCaM
  • UUwhCelticWakeCKoCfLoriMAmCaM
  • UUwhInfinityHollCKoCfLoriMAmCaM
  • UUWoodHoodCSmkMret
  • UUwhPinnacleLoriCKoCfMAmCaM
  • UUConcaveWdHoodCRvM
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