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Collage of various decorative cabinet door frame options and inserts

New Decorative Cabinet Doors

Make a Statement

Ever think of a cabinet door as an art form? Today's your day! With exciting aluminum frame and insert options, adding a bit of modernity to your space is fun and easy. Omega presents exotic leather looks and colorful glass in a variety of finishes, plus other intriguing options sure to take you by surprise!

Aluminum Frame Doors & Inserts
Samples of various aluminum frame cabinet door insert options

New Aluminum Frame Cabinet Doors are available in six frame styles and seven sumptuous finishes, ready to transform your space with unsurpassed character. A variety of inserts, including Standard and Patterned Glasses, Metallic Finishes, Backpainted Glasses, High Gloss Parapans®, 3Form® Architectural Resins, and Leathers, are available for your choosing.

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