Color Story

Stack of Omega cabinet doors in various colors

Omega Cabinetry Color Story

Color — The Language Of Dreams

It's with eyes wide open that we embrace color in every facet of our lives. We take color seriously, expanding your palette for everyday living.

Custom Paint Colors - Matching Paint Manufacturer
Open paint cans with various bright colors inside

With every national paint manufacturer's color wheel at your fingertips, we're sure to speak your language — allowing you to dream with vibrant panache!

Custom Paint Colors - Custom Match
Various colors of fabrics fanned out

Have a fabric or artifact you'd like to match? We can do it! Talk with your Omega Designer about how to reach your cabinet paint color destination.

Custom Stain Colors
An Omega production associate applying a stain

Perhaps you've spied a fabulous furniture piece throughout your travels? We will carefully formulate a custom cabinet stain, based on your supply of the piece to be matched, taking total home coordination to a new level.